Wednesday, January 28, 2009

5 Days Left in the Transfer Window

So, there are only 5 days left in the transfer window, and the rumors are still flying fast and furious about who Harry wants to see at White Hart Lane before the door slams shut Monday night. We all have our opinions of who should be coming in, let me know what you think should happen in the next coming days, or should we be done with the signings based on who we've already brought in?

Players In:
Defoe 15 million
Palacios 12 million (I've also read 13 and 14 million as well, so who knows)
Cudicini Free
Chimbonda 3 million

Players Out

Rumored Targets

Stephen Appiah
This name keeps on popping up. After training with us for two weeks, it was rumored he had gone home, but now Harry is deciding whether or not to sign him. After signing Palacios, who is a very similar type of player, I wonder if the wage demands that Appiah has would be worth the trouble. A quality player, but like I said in earlier posts, lingering knee troubles worry me, look at Ledley as a perfect example. Zokora is also a player in a similar vein, and Huddlestone could be considering along this way as well, so with Palacios in, I think the Appiah deal is dead.
Chance of Happening: 15%

Stephen Hunt
A deal was done with Wigan last week supposedly, but has fallen apart. Now we are back in the frame, and at 5 million, I'd have to say this would be a wise investment. With O'Hara out, and Bale not really capable of playing as a winger we have limited options, i.e. either Lennon or Bentley playing out of position, or perhaps Jenas or Modric, whose talents would be wasted on the wing. It would make too much sense to happen though, wouldn't it?
Chance of Happening: 35%

Dos Santos apparently does not want to move to Lyon now, so a straight player swap would be out of the question. I've read 3 million, 4 million as a figure, and I've also read about a loan deal. With Defoe and Pavy playing well together, especially last night, and with Bent and Campbell as cover, I'm wondering if he's needed currently, especially since he is so hit and miss at times.
Chance of Happening: 20%

Robbie Keane
I know lots of Tottenham fans would love to see him make his way back south, and as much as I loved him when he was here, and I can't believe I'm saying this, I think we should leave well enough alone. Liverpool are said to be wanting either Lennon or Jenas, or both, plus cash for Robbie, and with the form that Aaron is on right now, I would not make this deal. And we'll just have the same problems we did two years ago, Defoe and Keane are too similar to play together, so we would be sitting a 15 million pound striker every game, and having to deal with getting a game for everyone again. Well technically, we'd be sitting two 15 million pound strikers, with Bent on the bench usually as well. As much as I love Robbie, let's just let him live in our memories now.
Chance of Happening: 5%

Nicky Shorey
Even though BAE played better last night, we could still use a left back, and he seems the most likely to move. 4 million would not be too much to pay for him, but he hasn't been able to hold down a place at Villa, and Luke Young has been playing on the left side, which never is good when someone is playing out of position and is ahead of you.
Chance of Happening: 35%

Nicholas Burdisso
It was rumored that an 8 million pound fee had been agreed, but since then, we haven't heard a word. Doesn't really get a game at Inter, would again be great cover, but at this point, do we need it? We've got Corluka, Dawson, Woodgate, King, BAE, Bale, Gunter and Chimbonda, with Hutton coming back into the fold at some point. I would like him for his versatility, being able to play across the line would be good. But hearing nothing for a week, I think this is dead in the water now.
Chance of Happening: 12%

Marco Metarazzi
I still don't know why we're trying to sign him, he's 35, and has been injured all season. No more injured center halves. Especially at the prices being quoted, like a straight swap for Lennon, no way would I make this deal.
Chance of Happening: 8%

There are some other names, Adriano, Leighton Baines, Nedum Onuoha, Nicholas Anelka, and Kenwye Jones, but all of these deals are so remote I don't think they even merit discussion. So, tell me, should we sign anyone? And if so, who? I think at the most, we sign Hunt, maybe Shorey, max.

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