Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Line up for Burnley?

Was just thinking about the possible line-up for Burnley tonight and thought I would share. Tell me if you feel I'm off base.

Alnwick, Gunter, Dawson, Woodgate (c), Assou-Ekotto, Bentley, Zokora, Modric, O'Hara, Defoe, Campbell.

I don't think that Defoe is cup-tied, if he is we only have Campbell and then Huddlestone would slot in I would think. It's pretty clear that Harry prefers Assou-Ekotto over Bale, and though I don't think Bale is a Maldini or anything, I think Assou-Ekotto is just awful at times. He gets caught out a lot of times, though Bale does as well, but at least with Bale it seems he has better movement on his crosses when he moves forward. I don't think either of them are great at closing people down, which is what we need, but I digress.

With Corluka hurt, we'll see Gunter again, who I think has played decently when given the chance this year, he's still very young and could do good things for us. I would like to see Huddlestone in the starting 11, but it looks like when Harry plays a 4-4-2 he likes Zokora behind Modric, though this will change when Palacios is eligible I am sure. I'll try and update the starting 11 when it's announced.


  1. Wasn't Pavlyuchenko's injury minor? Anyhow, I would actually like to see Campbell start as well. I am a little nervous to see how Alnwick does. Hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised. :p

  2. Followed your link from Yahoo Europsort (how come no Yahoo option to "Comment as"?)

    Anyway this is rambr02000 on Yahoo...and here's my response...
    We know Alnwick is going to get his first start due to the injury that Gomes picked up coupled with the fact that Harry thinks nothing of Sanchez. King and Woodgate are banged up, so Dawson and maybe THudd or Zokora play in the middle of the defense. Corluka is also crocked so you're probably right about Gunter playing RB.
    You must know something that Harry doesn't re: BAE vs Bale. I and a lot of others had high hopes for young Gareth, but he's failed to fulfill the promise that made him so sought after in the first place. So if BAE's off of suspension then he's my left back no question.

    Jumping to the front line for a second, we'll probably play one up front...I can't see us going out to try and extend our 3-goal advantage away from home. Defoe wouldn't do well as a lone striker, Pavlyuchenko figures to come in off the bench (ankle knock not as serious as first thought)so who does that leave to toil guessed it, the out of favor Darren Bent; it acually makes sense to me, but that all depends on whether or not Harry's gotten over "The Miss".
    Midfield: DM would be either THudd or Zokora (depending on which one plays CB with Dawson); Bentley on the right; O'Hara plays a withdrawn left sided mid and Modric roams and maybe we'll see JJ back as the 5th midfielder (Bostock would be nice, but I doubt that that's going to happen.

    Food for thought: The only team to score 3 or more goals on us was the Gooners and they didn't win!