Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This is What I've Been Waiting For

Finally! Last night, especially in the first half Spurs looked like the team that I love so much. The second half wasn't quite as impressive as the first, but the team looked like a real team last night for the first time in who knows how long? I never really felt nervous during the match, I can't tell you the last time that I watched a match where I wasn't nervous. 3 points is always welcome, now if we get 3 more at Bolton on Saturday, I'll really be feeling good.

Player Ratings:

Cudicini- 7.5 Great debut, handled his area well, couldn't be faulted on the goal by Beattie. Wasn't indecisive on free kicks, like some of our other goalkeepers have been. Made a good save on one free kick and handled his area well. Definitely competition for Gomes.

Corluka- 7.5 Looked great last night, I think he's our best option at right back. Defended well, and got involved in the play upfield. Almost had a goal, combined well with Bentley and Modric, and showed he has a few tricks as well. Great performance from him.

Dawson- 7 Great goal from him, and played well in the center of the pitch. His rating would have been higher, but his giveaway led to the goal. Handled the throws from Delap well. With King not on the top of his game as of late with all of the injuries, I think the pairing of Woodgate and Dawson is our best best in the center of defense.

Woodgate- 7 Played well last night. Had a great opportunity for a goal, but it went glancing wide. Tackled well, and like everyone else tonight, was great on the ball.

Assou-Ekotto- 7 I can't believe I am rating him this high, but he played well last night. Headed a ball off the line early on that would have changed the game I'm sure. Combined well with Lennon and Bentley, he looked like a good full back last night, I'm not sure what happened, but I liked it.

Bentley- 7.5 This looks more like the player we paid a fortune for. He looked confident on the ball last night. Made some great crosses, and actually ran at defenders, something we hadn't seen until the last couple of matches. His free kicks also are looking better, put one on frame, and another in the side netting.

Modric- 8.5 Even though he didn't score, he was clearly the man of the match for me. Was in control the whole game, showed real quality, the flick ons, the nutmeg, some great passes. Found Pavy well on Defoe's goal, and had a great cross on Dawson's goal. Made some tackles as well, he's really showing he can play in a four man midfield.

Zokora- 6.5 Probably the weakest link on the field tonight, but still didn't play all that badly. Should have been booked at some point honestly, tackled well but some were a little rough. Played well on the ball, and covered pretty well.

Lennon- 8 Great goal, took it well from a great switch by Defoe. Ran right at defenders, has been great taking the game to defenders in the last couple of matches he's played. Honestly, I think he looked better on the left side than the right tonight.

Defoe- 8 A wonderful goal, and a great pass to Lennon on the first goal. Was active and played lots of good balls around the box. Combined well with Pavy, they look like a good pairing. Should have had a second, but there was a great clearance off the line.

Pavlyuchenko- 7.5 Great pass to Defoe on the second goal, and looked great on the ball. Probably was unlucky not to score as well, took some good shots, and played some great combos with Defoe. Looks like he is settling in the league, and playing like a 14 million pound striker now. I think the goals will follow.

We'll see Palacios certainly come into the side on Saturday at Bolton, not sure about Chimbonda, the back four last night looked pretty sharp. If we play like this a few more times, I think safety will be assured, thank goodness.

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