Sunday, February 8, 2009

Arseanl Player Ratings

Well, another derby in the books, and it was lively, wasn't it? If you would have told me at the beginning of the day that we would have a draw, I would have taken the point gladly, but with the red card that was shown, and some of the form that we showed in the first half, I have to say I am a bit disappointed that we didn't get the three points. It was nice to see Robbie back on the pitch today, and though I at first doubted the decision of us buying him back, I think that he is a Spur for the long-term now and will help score loads of goals for us. Overall the lads looked good, but something was missing, and that is what kept the win just out of reach. But a point is a point, and I won't turn it down.

Player Ratings:

Cudicini- 6.5 Played well, I think this might have given us some insight into Harry's thoughts on whom he prefers, with Gomes being healthy. Made a couple of good saves and patrolled the area well, but would have been beaten if a few shots had been on target. But I feel much better about him in the nets on set pieces than I did with Gomes.

Corluka- 6.5 Put in his usual workmanlike performance, except for one major area in trying to usher a ball into touch that Clichy was able to whip in and almost cost us a goal. Vedran stays very solid in the back, and has been venturing forward more often lately, but I understand him coming off for Chimbonda, because of Chimbonda's ability to get forward.

Dawson- 7.5 He and Woodgate were top class today, clearing loads of balls out of the area. Having an extended run in the side again is showing what a quality player he is. Won a couple of great headers, and made a great tackle in the penalty area that, if mistimed, would surely have been a penalty.

Woodgate- 8 Even though he isn't the stand-in captain anymore, still plays like it. He isn't one to lead vocally, I think that's why Harry gave the armband to Keane, but he leads by example, and had several crunching tackles to keep the area clear today. When he went forward, he played some good balls, and hopefully we'll see him get on the scoresheet again soon.

Assou-Ekotto- 7 He's proving me wrong, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Has really been solid as the left back the last few weeks, not getting caught out, not making rash tackles, basically acting unlike himself to me. Got forward and was involved today, but not at the cost of his defending like is so often the case.

Lennon- 7 If Aaron was a little better crosser of the ball, he'd be golden. I love watching him run at people, but his final touch failed him at times on the crosses today. Took some good shots, and was all over the pitch, getting stuck in and showing that he wants to wear the shirt. Good effort from him, I hope he isn't injured like they said he might be on the broadcast.

Palacios- 8 The man of the match for me, and for a few other Spurs supporters as well I would bet. This looks more like the player that we paid so much money for. Was all over the center of the pitch today, winning balls, harassing Arsenal players, and making good outlet passes. Took some shots, and we can see that's not his strong suit, but I'll take this type of performance anytime.

Jenas- 6.5 I have a soft spot for JJ, and so I was glad to see him back in the lineup today. I know he takes a lot of stick from Spurs fans, but I think he can be a great player. Not his best game today, he made a couple of awful passes, but he also transitioned form defense to offense well, made some good tackles, and played well. I might have played him out wide, and Luka in the middle, but that's just me.

Modric- 6.5 Got involved early on and played well. Had some good creative moments, but I think he gets lost too often out on the wing. I think Harry played him out wide today because he knew the match would be brutal in the middle, and maybe he didn't think he could handle it. In the second half Luka disappeared for long stretches, something we must not let happen.

Keane- 6.5 Had a shot that went oh so close, but otherwise was absent for a large portion of the match as well. He is unlike any of other strikers in that he will track back to get involved, but I think he was getting his feet in the side again today. When he was on the ball, he did look dangerous.

Pavlyuchenko- 6 Roman just isn't having any luck in the League. Put out a great effort, and was involved, but luck just isn't going his way. Give him and Robbie some time, and they'll be a good partnership though.


Bent- 5.5 Was disappointed not to be in the side after scoring two last week I'm sure, but was not anything special. Had few opportunities and when the ball did come his way didn't make much of it.

Chimbonda- 5.5 Was brought in to get forward, and lost possession more than anything. Just doesn't do it for me, I think Vedran should be on the pitch for 90 instead of Chimbonda coming on.

Taarabt- 6.5 Not enough time to get a real look at him, but I love this kid. He runs at players, and while he is still very raw, I think he can be pretty special, especially out wide.

Two weeks off now before the UEFA Cup and going to Hull City, so let's get everyone fit, and pick up some points.

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