Thursday, February 26, 2009

Official Lineup versus Shakhtar

Well, I was totally wrong with my team projection. No Dawson, no Zokora, no Bent feature in the side. Palacios does get a run out since he is cup tied for Sunday's match. The bad news, Gilberto is starting for us, I shudder at the thought.


Gunter, Gilberto, Huddlestone, Chimbonda

Dos Santos, Palacios, O'Hara, Bale

Campbell, Obika

Substitues: Jansson, Smith, Butcher, Bostock, Parrett, Mason and Townsend

John Obika does make his debut for the team tonight, and it looks like O'Hara is going to be deployed in the center of midfield with Palacios, so no lack of grit in the center of the field. Gareth Bale is back in the side for the first time in awhile, on the left wing, probably a better place for him currently since he's better going forward than defending at the moment. The defense looks shaky at best to me, I like Gunter, but Gilberto, Huddlestone and Chimbonda can all make my heart stop at times.

I expect to see Bostock and Parrett tonight, and maybe Adam Smith make his debut as well. Let's hope we do well, we can still advance. COYS!!!!

Thanks to for the first listing of the team lineups.

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