Monday, February 9, 2009

Just Odds and Ends

Well since I'm laid up at home with a knee injury I have little to do except for read about the team and watch reruns of "West Wing," so I will write a little about what I saw on various sites today and also a little about the sackings that occurred to me.

Scolari is a World Cup winner, and a helluva coach, but the pressure at Stamford Bridge is immense. I rarely agree with Sir Alex, but here I do when he says that Scolari wasn't given a fair shake. And Tony Adams getting the sack is unfair, he was put in an awful position with Harry leaving, Pompey selling off their best players in Diarra and Defoe, and the rumors being rampant about Krancjar. He was in the job less than four months I think, and no manager can make changes in that time. I wonder if he'll come onto the staff at White Hart Lane, though I doubt it. Deserved a better shake than that I think.

So the rumors are back, and honestly that's all I'll be able to write about until the next match. Now we're linked with a 10 million pound bid for Joe Hart in the summer to serve as the long-term answer in the goal, and Juventus and Real Madrid will make a run for Modric in the summer. I mentioned this previously, but I am again because I want us to keep Luka under any circumstance.

And Dawson is happy with Keane being the captain, not that there was any surprise with that. I'll add stuff as I have it, because I have plenty of time to comb through the sites to find the rumors.

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