Thursday, February 12, 2009

My thoughts on Dos Santos

Well, as we know I am a Yank, and so last night as I was watching the World Cup Qualifier between the United States and Mexico, I was able to watch our own Giovanni Dos Santos play more than he has in months for our Spurs, and I was able to get a good read on him.

He has a lot of potential. For Mexico he was deployed as a right winger, and should have scored for Mexico in the first ten minutes, but played a shot straight at Tim Howard, the United States keeper. I was happy when we signed Dos Santos this summer, but I think his confidence has been rattled. He had the pace to run past the US left back all night, but never took him on. His crossing was non-existent, not his fault because Mexico insisted on playing an English style of long balls from the back to the lone striker, which didn't work well against the United States.

I know that Dos Santos is only nineteen, and has barely begun to develop as a player, but for this season especially, he would be more of a liability for Spurs than anything. With his injury and the clear lack of confidence that Harry has in him he won't be able to play at the level that we need to make sure we assure our survival in the Premier League. Perhaps we can use him in the UEFA Cup as a substitute, that clearly is not the priority for the club, so it might be a good way to get him involved, but at this moment, I would much prefer to have Taarabt in the match than Dos Santos.

I am still curious why the medical with Pompey fell through, he looked fit enough last night, and I want the best for the lad, and what he needs is game time, which we can't afford to give him at this time.

On a separate note, I want to see more of Taarabt, maybe in the UEFA Cup as well. He's been impressive in the last couple of times we've seen him, you can tell he enjoys the game and is not afraid to run at players. Who do you want to see more of? Tell me who you want to see more in a Spurs shirt, and why.

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