Friday, February 13, 2009

Bent wants to leave, Don't let the door hit you on the way out

So Darren Bent has told the press that if he isn't given an extended run in the team, he will look to leave the Lane in the summer. Well, in January there were all sorts rumors that he was heading to Sunderland, Aston Villa, and even Everton, so I don't think it Harry will be gutted if Bent hands in a transfer request.

I will say we paid way too much money for him when he came over from Charlton, I think it was almost 16 million pounds. He doesn't seem to combine well with any of the strikers that we have had, and most of his goals have seemed to come off of rebounds. Now, I am happy when a striker is in front of goal and puts in second chances, but I don't see him scoring good goals from the run of play, or creating for himself or the other strikers. He seems to be the stereotypical striker, it's all about him, and damn everyone else.

I will not be heartbroken to see him leave the club, we have Defoe, Keane, Pavy, and for now Campbell, and the rumors of the Brazilian Love nearly coming in January and another target for the summer would leave us with plenty of options. I say let's cut our losses, if we can get 8-10 million pounds for him, take it because he really isn't worth what we paid for him. Let's have players who want to wear the shirt at the club, and get rid of the rubbish that are more concerned with their personal stakes than anything else.

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