Thursday, April 9, 2009

9 Million Pounds for Bent? We'll Take it!

Sunderland are apparently ready to sign Darren Bent this summer for 9 million pounds if they retain their place in the Premier League. Cisse may not be back next season if Sunderland cannot work out a permanent deal for the loan player at the moment. Also, Kenwye Jones is still a target for other clubs, including our own unfortunately, so the Black Cats are looking for replacements.

If we're offered 9 million for Bent I say we take it and move on to the next target. He's never quite fit in at the club and after the Pompey miss we all knew he was bound for somewhere else. It's time for the club to cut our losses. In my analysis of Spurs transfers (the Fabulous Flops...) I noted that 2007 was a pretty wretched year for us in the transfer market, and this would only complete the misery.

The high price tag brought expectations for Bent that he could never live up to. Moving on will give him a fresh start, and let us find another striker than can be a 3rd striker, or start alongside Keane. Nice knowing you Darren, now I'll help you pack.

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