Friday, April 10, 2009

Will Huddlestone Stay a Spur?

With his lack of first-team action in 2009, it had almost seemed like a foregone conclusion that Tom Huddlestone would be moving on this summer. But with Harry's comments yesterday in support of Huddlestone, and his comparisons to Glenn Hoddle I am wondering if Harry wants to keep Hudd at the club, or is he just talking up a player to get his price up in the summer?

Since the new year Huddlestone has found himself on the substitutes' bench most of the time, with cameos here and there in the League and some starts in the Cup competitions we were in. Huddlestone has expressed his frustration with his lack of first-team opportunities in the past few months. As he has continued to voice his displeasure I assumed it was only a matter of time before he moved on.

But yesterday Harry made the comment that Hudd has a big future at Spurs, and I must say that was a surprise. My first reaction was that Harry was blowing smoke, trying to inflate the price for a player that has been on the fringes for the last few months. As I continue to think about it, I still think Harry is talking up the price on Hudd, though I would want Hudd to stick around, I think he could be a good player at holding midfielder and at center-back. But, I'm not in charge of the transfer policy at Spurs.

We'll see what happens, though I still think Huddlestone will be in a Fulham uniform next season.

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