Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Zokora Looking to Exit

In the last week, Didier Zokora has been quoted as saying that he may be looking to move on in the summer from the club if he isn't playing regularly. Since he has come to the club, Didier has been a lightning rod of criticism. He came in to replace Michael Carrick and has never quite done that. Granted, he's a better tackler than Carrick ever was, but what made Carrick special was the way he transitioned from defense to attack, with incisive, probing passes, something Didier cannot do.

Many attacks have gone the way of the dodo in the past few seasons because of errant touches or passes by Didier. If there are three options on a break, it seems that he'll choose the one that will break down the attack. I have never faulted Didier's effort, or his tackling, but at this point, we need more than that in a holding position, and Wilson Palacios fills that role.

I am not going to criticize Didier for his comments, because he was simply speaking the truth. He said that he wants to make sure he is contention for the World Cup next summer, and the only way he can be sure of that is if he's playing regular football. Didier has filled many roles, and he would be an invaluable utility player in the next few seasons, but as a good servant of the club, I can't fault him for looking to new challenges.

What do you think of Didier? Would you be sorry to see him leave? Or would you help pack a bag for him?

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