Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why Spurs Don't Need a New Left-Winger

For most of the past few years we have been looking for a left-winger to fill what has been a gaping hole in our midfield. I could write no fewer than fifteen names of players we've been linked with over the past three seasons. But we've never really had someone to come in and fill that role. And I want to make a bold statement. We don't need to go buying one this summer.

Luka Modric was bought last summer to be our playmaker in the center of midfield, but thus far Harry has been reluctant to play him in the center of the pitch, unless it has been in a 4-5-1 formation, other than a few isolated occurrences. But we have gained form over the past few months with Luka given a free role to move infield, but he is nominally a winger for us.

He still does keep the width in most cases, but having the ability to roam as he wants has allowed his creativity to flow, and the team looks all the better for it. BAE has done an outstanding job of covering for Luka, and providing that width on some of our forward movements, remember the cross he made for Woody's winner against Hull.

The two of them have formed a good duo on that left side, and while Harry might look to upgrade our left-back position, I would tell him not to look for a left winger now. A traditional winger is something we're all used to, so for our own sanity we keep looking for that type of player, but how can we argue with the results of the past few months?

Make sure that Luka has a good connection with his left back, and make sure that back is someone who can cover when he drifts and provide the width we need as a team, and we'll be fine. So please Harry, don't fix what isn't broken this summer.

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