Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Muntari Will Not Come to Spurs

So this week's big rumor is the Muntari will be the newest face at White Hart Lane next summer. This follows about half of the other players in European football, so it seems like it's time for the summer silly season to begin.

I am going to go on the record and say that I like Muntari. I watched him against Juve on Saturday, and have seen him play a number of times this season, and each time I've come away impressed. He's a battler, but still creative, and can get forward and nick a goal.

That being said, he won't be at Spurs next year. Yes, Harry had him at Pompey. Yes, Jose has seemed to be interested in Jermaine Jenas for awhile, but this is a move that won't happen. As much as I love the club, I don't see Muntari giving up a title-winning team, a favorite to win the League again next season, and a Champions' League place to come back to English football.

If we were in the Champions League next season, I might think we'd have a shot. But we'll all dance in the streets if we qualify for the Europa League. Also, JJ isn't going to be heading to Inter. It seems Jose is interested, but until I see a firm bid, it will be transfer speculation that "The Special One" is so good at. Though not as good as Harry at getting people unsettled.

So, I would love Muntari to come to the team, but the odds of it happening for me are somewhere in the range of 25/1.

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