Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spurs Sneak One Past W/Player Ratings

Newcastle never really looked like a threat against Tottenham, but there were still some tight moments for us Spurs fans today. Nice to be up 1-0 early on, but I kept feeling like this was a game similar to Blackburn, a team we were dominating but not putting away. I kept holding my breath, hoping that the other shoe didn't drop, and thankfully it didn't. Honestly, Newcastle really look like they're going down to me, there was very little fire within that team.

Not a bad performance from us, but not one that is going one the highlight reels for sure. We played some good football, but couldn't finish our opportunities. It would have done my heart good to tack on one or two more, but I'll take the 3 points, no problem.

Player Ratings

Gomes- 7.5 Didn't really put a foot wrong, other than being in no-man's land on one corner. He is starting to look very solid, and his outlet to BAE on the goal was great play. I'm happy he's made good on the promise coming into the season.

Corluka- 7 Charley played really well since he slid into the center just after the half-hour mark. His passing wasn't quite what it had been in recent weeks, but he didn't put a foot wrong when in the center and marked up well. Excellent cover in the center for us.

Woodgate- 7 Woody was solid as always, only letting Martins get free once or twice, but he also totally shut Owen down. Also almost had another goal on a corner in the second half. Did a good job of marshaling the back line with Ledley out.

Dawson- 7 Was playing well before he got injured. It's a shame, this was his 200th League appearance, and Dawson has played his heart out all season. Let's just hope it's not too serious, though I think it's going to be some ligament damage unfortunately. He was spotted leaving the stadium in a protective boot, and he'll have tests tomorrow on the ankle.

BAE- 7.5 Most improved player this year. His outlet to Modric for the goal was first class, and he was solid in the tackle all day. Got forward well, but still tracked back, which he wasn't doing earlier in the season. If he keeps this up, we won't need another left back in the summer.

Lennon- 7 A good day for Lennon, was unlucky not to score in the second half. Wasn't super involved in the play in the first half, when we feed him the ball good things happen, but that just wasn't the case today. Some good crosses and runs, typical of his play this season.

Palacios- 7.5 Good to have WP back in the side. Controls the middle like no one else, and his touch is getting better. Was unlucky not to get his first English goal today. Made the tackles that needed to be made all game, and his distribution was solid. Really is going to be a bargain, even at the price we paid.

Huddlestone- 6.5 Tom got the start ahead of JJ who was out injured today, and I'm sorry to say he didn't really assert himself in the position. Had some magnificent passes, and a few cracking shots, but I think he was left wanting too often. Let WP do most of the dirty work in midfield, and didn't get too involved in the second half. One thing with JJ as of late is that he's been tracking back to help out in defense, something I wish Hudd had done.

Modric- 7.5 A good game for the little magician, great pass that ultimately led to the goal. Probably should have had an assist in the early minutes with his ball to Bent, who was clearly taken down with no call. Set things up all day, though it did seem he was looking for his own shot a good bit, not that I'm complaining. His play was solid and his passing was crisp as always.

Keane- 6.5 Got involved a good bit, he continually tracks back to get involved in the play, but few opportunities for him to actually try and score. The goals are coming though, and his work rate can't be faulted.

Bent- 7 Good take on the goal, he was persistent and it paid off. He made good runs throughout the first half and looked to be pretty dangerous. Seemed to disappear a bit in the second half, maybe he was tired, and it was a good substitution by Harry. Glad to see Bent get a goal though.

Hutton- 7 It was the first time we've seen Alan in a long time, and he looked good. Got involved upfield, and had a couple of dynamite crosses that should have been finished off. His defending was solid, and he combined well with Lennon. I expect to see him get some more time before the season is through.

Defoe- 6.5 Came on for Bent, and it was great to see Jermain back on the pitch. Had a couple of shots that were blocked by outfield players, and he didn't look too dangerous, but he brought some fresh legs when they were needed and helped us spread the ball around and take control of the game back a bit. I expect to see him starting with Keane by the West Brom game.

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