Thursday, April 2, 2009

Harry Please Don't Sign This Player!

I've watched a few Sunderland matches this year, and wasn't impressed with Kenwye Jones and I was wondering what Harry saw in him to warrant a big money bid. I watched Jones play in a World Cup Qualifier last night for Trinidad and Tobago versus the United States and I will say it again, Harry please do not sign Jones this summer.

I was especially interested in watching Jones last night since it seems that Harry is still infatuated with him, and he might as well have been sitting in the stands for all he did. Granted T&T looked awful, lackluster at best, but there were several instances where T&T were on the counterattack and Jones not only didn't produce, he didn't get in positions to even have a shot at making a difference. One counter down the right wing saw a dangerous cross whipped in, and it was cleared easily by the American center backs. Jones was sitting at the top of the box, and didn't even make a run at the cross, a few steps towards the right side might have put him in a position to make a play, but he was left watching.

That summed up the entire evening for Jones. I'm sure he has some ability or else he wouldn't have gotten this far, but tactically he seems to be missing something. If a player could be in the wrong positions all the time, it was Jones, he just never got involved or connected with his strike partner Stern John. He looked a little bit like Darren Bent on his bad days, and we all know how we feel about Bent on those days, Harry included.

So Harry please, for the love of Tottenham, resist the urge to go after Jones this summer, I know you like to tinker, but signing him would move our strikeforce back two steps after moving forward with bringing back Keane and Defoe.

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