Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Carew to Spurs?

Various outlets have been reporting that Aston Villa striker John Carew is a target of Harry this summer, with a player swap deal being a possibility, and having Jermaine Jenas move to Villa.

My first reaction is "What?!?!?!?" I like Carew just fine, but he won't be a first-choice striker at the club, and we would be sending JJ, who at the moment is holding down a first team place and starting to play like he knows how to. It doesn't seem like a deal it seems like a mugging. Carew hasn't done a ton this season, but he has a good track record from past seasons. He won't be our first choice striker with Keane though, I think he'll be a squad player, much like Pavlyuchenko is at the moment.

I've been accused of being a JJ apologist, but I don't see why we're wanting to sell him on so much. He's been linked with a ton of clubs, including Inter in January, but he's a good footballer. His big problem has been concentration and losing his focus at times. But in the past month he has been on form and reminded us why he's and England international.

So please Harry, if you want Carew fine, buy him, I'm sure you can get a good deal, but don't do a player swap with JJ. It would be highway robbery for us if you did.

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  1. Sorry but no! Carew would be the ideal target man to play with Defoe/Keane so I can see where that is coming from. As for JJ, why not get rid of him if the money is right? Time and time again Mr Average goes out and does his best, continually getting a rating of 6.5/10, the guy just doesn't excel at anything. Shouldn't we be looking at moving away from the mediocre into getting someone who can do more with the time and space Palacios is now creating? I used to think JJ was good as he regularly had to cover for a midfield partner who, in whatever area, lacked ability (Hudd, Zokora), but in Palacios we have a player who can hold his own in the middle leaving his partner to get on with their job, yet the improvement in JJ's game has been minimal. We can get better than JJ for the all important central midfield role and a better player would benefit more from the 'Palacios effect'. Don't get me wrong I'm not one of those JJ haters who slate him regardless, I have in fact defended him on many occasions but now I genuinley believe it's time for him to move on.