Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jenas' Remarks Show Some Fire

Well, I needed a few days to bring my blood pressure down before I started posting again after the performance we had on Saturday. It was really a shock to have this incredible high followed by this tremendous low with those halves. As most Spurs fans know, Jermaine Jenas made some comments about Howard Webb's refereeing Saturday, notably the dubious penalty that started things off for United.

The FA have now written to JJ and asked him to clarify his remarks. We all know that JJ will be fined some amount for stepping out of turn and criticizing an official, even though Webb has admitted that the penalty was dubious at best now. But the FA cannot be seen as not backing it's officials, so JJ will be given a slap on the wrist for his comments.

Personally, I'm fine with those comments. Many people who support the club are not fans of JJ, and often times what I hear is that he lacks fire, isn't concentrating, or doesn't give his all on the field. I saw him give his all on the pitch on Saturday, but those quotes have shown me a lot about JJ and his character. He is normally pretty soft spoken, saying the right things when needed, but this showed some fire. He was upset, embarrassed, and quite frankly, pissed off the team had lost the match. He didn't agree with the call and said so. It may seem like spoiled grapes to some, but this shows me the lad cares about whether we win or not.

Granted, I might have been happier if he would have ripped into the team, but they all played hard, they were outclassed and shellshocked in the second half. I want to see more from JJ like this, this showed more leadership than almost any other thing he's done this season. We all agree the penalty was wrong, and he stepped forward and said so, knowing he would probably take a hit in the wallet care of the FA for it, but he stood up for his goalkeeper in a round about way.

And honestly, would any of the teams in the Top 4 not had at least one player who said the same thing, and more than likely each of the managers rehash it for an entire week? I think we can all agree that they surely would have. I don't want our players acting like petulant children on a regular basis, but this one time I think it showed more good having said it than anything else.

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