Friday, April 3, 2009

Don't Lose the Plot Now Boys

After what seems like forever our beloved Tottenham are back in action this weekend. We travel to Blackburn and this can be a trap game. We've picked up six points from our last two games, when most of us would have been happy with 2 points to be quite honest. Villa and Chelsea have been strong all season, and Blackburn haven't been.

Earlier this season most Spurs fans were driven to the point of insanity with the inconsistency of the club. This is a big match for us because of that fact, we need to have a solid showing to keep the momentum of the last month going. The international break couldn't have come at a worse time for the club, as we were certainly on a roll.

So tomorrow we have to put forth a good effort, and we really need the 3 points to maintain momentum. If we secure another away win, we'll truly be safe, and can start looking towards trying to compete for Europe. Who would have thought we'd be saying earlier in the season that Europe was a possibility.

So I'm making an appeal on behalf of all Spurs fans, don't look at this game as a sure thing, or not concentrate going in. Buckle down, go in to Ewood Park, show your quality, and make this season be one all of us will remember with your amazing comeback. Just don't lose the plot now that you've finally found your form again.

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