Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Can Spurs Secure a Europa League Spot?

As the season heads into the final stretch, it is amazing that we are asking if Spurs can finish in 7th position and qualify for the Europa League. Many of the biggest Spurs fans on the planet would have declared you insane if you would have mentioned it 3 months ago. But, nonetheless, the club is in a position to make that push with 4 games to go. What I want to do is look at the teams who have a realistic shot at 7th place, and determine what their point totals could be looking at the remaining fixtures. I'll of course start with the club that will finish in 7th, and no, it isn't West Ham.


5/2: West Brom- The Baggies have played hard throughout the season, but are going down. Have to take care of business. 3 points.
5/9: Everton- Going to Goodison is not an easy task, and I would love a win, be happy with a draw. 1 point.
5/16: Manchester City- The final home match of the season, and City are in the Europa League hunt as well. Another must win. 3 points.
5/24: Liverpool- The final game of the season sees Robbie return to Anfield, where I think the reception will not be as cool as it could be. Liverpool could be playing for nothing at that point, and we did beat them earlier in the year. 1 point.

So I see 8 points from the next four games for the club, giving us a total of 52, 50 more than when Harry took charge of the club, he'll be sure to tell you.

West Ham:

5/2: Stoke City- Going to Stoke is not an easy task this year, and West Ham will consider themselves fortunate to get a point. 1 point.
5/9: Liverpool- Liverpool will be fighting for the title, no shot in this match. 0 points.
5/16: Everton- The Hammers go to Goodison the week after we do. If we get a point, they won't get anything. 0 points.
5/24: Boro- By then Boro will be relegated, and West Ham will take the three points easily. 3 points.

So for West Ham I see them getting 4 more points, although I will admit my view is a bit biased. Total points: 49 points.


5/2: Chelsea- Hiddink has admitted the title is not within their reach, but they'll still come out firing. 0 points.
5/9: Aston Villa- The Villans are in a nosedive and I can see Fulham taking some points easily. 3 points.
5/16: Newcastle- Shearer won't keep the Magpies up. But he'll get a draw here. 1 point.
5/24: Everton- Everton plays a role again, a good solid draw on the last day. 1 point.

So Fulham should take 5 points over the last four matches, for a total of 51.

Manchester City:

5/2: Blackburn- Big Sam will be working to make sure Rovers are safe. City are awful away. Loss, 0 points.
5/10: Manchester United- Will be dismantled by United, who will be looking for another championship. 0 points.
5/16: Tottenham- Well, we all know how this will go won't we? 0 points.
5/24: Bolton- The last day of the season, Bolton will be safe and stranded mid-table, should be a win. 3 points.

So, this is probably unlikely, but I see City only getting 3 points over their last 4 games, giving them a total of 47.

So, let's look at the totals based on my crystal ball.

7. Tottenham- 52 points
8. Fulham- 51 points
9. West Ham- 49 points
10. Manchester City- 47 points

So, based on my scientific analysis, Spurs will finish in 7th, and qualify for Europe, who would have thought it would be possible in October?

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