Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Could Spurs PLay in the Champions League?

UEFA President Michel Platini has announced that each club in the four biggest leagues in Europe with the least amount of debt would be granted a place in the Champions League this summer. The contenders for the spot for England are our very own Lillywhites, Bolton, Manchester City and Wigan.

The team that shows the least amount of debt will be granted a place in the qualifying stages of the Champions League, which is all one can hope for, if you can't advance at that stage, you shouldn't be playing European football. Apparently, we are still in the running for this spot, even with the vast resources of City.

I hope we would qualify, but my question lies somewhere else. If a club like City were to secure this Champions League spot, and they were already slotted to play in the Europa League, would they be replaced by the next team in the table. In other words, if City were to finish 7th, and Spurs 8th, would we slot into the Europa League if City were to go to the Champions League?

I wouldn't have thought that European football would have been an option for us even a month ago, but now it's close and I can almost taste it. Staying in Europe would help us keep our big stars, i.e. Modric and Lennon, and would provide us another stream of revenue, which is important if the rumors about Mansion ending their sponsorship deal are to be believed.

I hope we get the Champions League spot we were denied by bad lasagna three years ago, but I would take the Europa League, what do you think?

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