Thursday, March 19, 2009

Are Spurs Becoming A Loaning Bank?

Two more players have gone out on loan today, this time it's Andros Townsend and Jonathan Obika going to Luton Town. Both of these lads are still playing in academy and reserve team matches, so some real playing time in League One should at least toughen them up a little.

We all know of the high hopes for Obika at the club, and I think that either next season or the year after will see him competing for a place in the first team. Townsend's development could be a little more stunted. He's an attacking midfielder, which we have plenty of, but the good news for him is that he can also play out on the left side. I think Townsend is at least 2 seasons away from joining the first team, if we don't sell him on at some point, like has happened with other promising Academy players.

Both of these boys will do well training with a first-team, and adjusting to a new area, it will help them grow up and mature, and hopefully allow them to prepare to compete in preseason training next summer.

It does seem like we're becoming a bank, with 6 loans of players in the last week. The reason is the relatively few number of fixtures left for the team, and the lack of first-team opportunities for the lads through the rest of the season and Harry wants them to play. So, hopefully some of them will stick around next season and get an opportunity, primarily Taarabt and Obika.

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