Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spurs Off to Other Destinations

With our form improving I know lots of people, including me, are wondering who will leave the club this summer, and I discussed whom I thought would leave the club last month. What I want to do here is focus on a couple of the players who are most likely out the door, and where they might be going, and how much we could expect to net from their sales, since we most likely will have to sell before we can buy this summer, but didn't Mr. Levy say that during the January transfer window?

Darren Bent: Probably has already started packing his bags. We paid an astronomical 16 million quid for him a couple of years ago, and there's no way we'll recoup that. But we should be able to get anywhere between 8 and 10 million pounds for him, especially with a club that is need of a striker. Everton would make the most sense to me.
Most likely destinations: Everton, Bolton, Aston Villa

Giovanni Dos Santos: The only reason he isn't already gone is because he failed his medical with Pompey. He's talked recently about wanting to go back to Barca, but I don't see them wanting him back. Pompey would still be interested, and I think a promoted club might be interested in his pace, someone like Birmingham if they come up? It will be a pretty low amount, somewhere between 5 and 7 million pounds I think.
Most likely destinations: Portsmouth, UNAM Pumas, Villareal

David Bentley: I would love to give him more time, but I'm not sure that Harry is going to. With the form Lennon has had of late there's no way he'll be patrolling the right wing anytime soon, and maybe there was too much pressure coming to his boyhood club, I don't know. I wish the lad the best and would like to keep him around, but I don't see that happening. I think we could still net 10 million for him, maybe up to 13 million, but I doubt it. Aston Villa is said to be interested, so that could work.
Most likely destinations: Aston Villa, Newcastle.

Jermaine Jenas: JJ has seemed to gotten back in Harry's good graces, and I want him to stay around. I'm that lone fan of Jenas here at the club I know, but I think when he plays well, which admittedly is not as often as I would like, he is an international caliber player. But he still might go this year, much to my chagrin. I think "The Special One" might splash out 8 to 10 million quid for him.
Most likely destinations: Inter Milan, Everton.

Tom Huddlestone: Another one who probably has started packing his bags, he's not in the first team and has a lot of people in front of him for a place. Still very young, and will be a good player someday, though I don't think he'll put on the England shirt for the senior side. Fulham were interested, somewhere like Bolton might be an option as well. Somewhere in the range of 6 million pounds would pry him from Harry rather easily I believe.
Most likely destinations: Fulham, Bolton, Sunderland, Portsmouth.

So those are my thoughts on the people I think are most likely to leave the club this summer, tell me what you think Spurs fans.

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