Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Lads Show Some Fight, and Looking Ahead

Well last night was something good for all of us Spurs fans. A 4-0 drubbing of any club, even one mired at the bottom of the table, is great. Top that off with the fact that Boro beat Liverpool 2-0 on Saturday, and I'm feeling really good about the side.

I've been able to see just about every game this season for the club, but of course last night's was not on any channel I have, or at my local pub, so our best performance happens when I had no way of seeing it. So I can't give player ratings if I didn't see it, but I have read enough of the accounts to know some people played very well, namely Lennon, probably trying to win Player of the Year from the supporters now with those two goals, Robbie looking like that player we had before he left for Liverpool, Modric creating goals, exactly what he should, and Pavy working hard and being rewarded with a goal for his efforts. Others said Jenas and Palacios were solid in midfield, and Dawson and Woodgate played well also, so overall a great performance I would think. I was worried with Zokora playing right back, but I didn't read any accounts of him bungling around, so well done.

We have 31 points now, including 2 straight wins in the League, and Harry reckons with 3 more wins we'll be safe, and I totally agree. I looked ahead at the schedule last month, and I want to do so again, with an update based on how the team is playing, and our opponents as well.

3/7- Sunderland. A big away game. We're tied on points, ahead by goal differential, I think if we can contain Jones and Cisse we'll be okay, they're midfield doesn't strike fear into me, we work hard we should get at least a point, possibly a win.
Result: Draw

3/15- Aston Villa. Martin O'Neil's side seem to be fading as the season comes down to the wire. Perhaps it's the fact that he's played so few players and they're starting to show some fatigue. I thought this was a sure loss a month ago, but now I'm not sure, we'll have to play well but we might be able to squeak out a draw.
Result: Loss (But possibly a draw)

3/21- Chelsea. I don't think all of the difference with the Blues is due to Hiddink coming into the club, but it has freshened things up, like when Harry arrived here. They look to be a better side now than they were a month ago, and I thought then we would earn a draw, now I'm not so sure. But let's hope so, it'll be a home match which will help.
Result: Draw (But we could get nipped in this one)

4/4- Blackburn. Blackburn have played better, but not too well. This will be away, but I am still confident that we're going to pull a win out of this one. A good performance will secure three points, and maybe safety.
Result: Win

4/11- West Ham. Zola has led this team well, when he took over they were near the bottom and now are challenging for Europe. What's amazing is that they have only 3 more wins than we do, a few games here and there and we'd be looking at maybe a late run at Europe. We beat them at Upton Park, and I am confident we'll do the same at home.
Result: Win

4/18- Newcastle. What can we say about this struggling giant? They've dropped points as badly as we have this year, and we were unlucky to lose earlier in the season I believe. A game at the Lane with another struggling club like Boro, we have to capitalize.
Result: Win

4/25- Man United. In 3 games against them this year, we've looked great twice and horrible once. The FA Cup was awful, but in the Carling Cup and the League we've stood toe to toe with them. The problem is this one's at Old Trafford and they'll be closing in on another title I would think. I would love a draw and dance if we got it, but I'm not hopeful.
Result: Loss

5/2- West Brom. Another home match against a team in a relegation battle. No doubt a must win, and hopefully we'll be playing well and not have to look at this game as a must-win, but still bag the three points.
Result: Win

5/9- Everton. David Moyes is just a damn good manager, isn't he? He doesn't sign a lot of flashy names, but makes due and gets results. Heading off to Goodison is difficult, and last month I thought this would be a sure loss. But I think we'll be on a run of form, so this could be a draw if we're lucky.
Result: Loss (with high hopes of a draw)

5/16- Manchester City. I think Mark Hughes' job is safe now, and they're new signings will be starting to gel by then. I thought a draw before, and I still think so, since we won they're in the fall. I would like to think of it as a win, but I'll settle for a draw.
Result: Draw

5/24- Liverpool. Our last game of the season away at Anfield. Robbie will probably get some stick from the Kop, but I think we'll play well. Until the game against Boro we'd been the only team to be Liverpool. I think the fight is gone, the League has slipped from their fingers, and they'll be concentrating on the Champions League by this point. I thought a sure loss, but a draw here would be a great way to end the season.
Result: Loss (could squeak out a draw)

I see at least 15 points for the club between here and the end of the year, with a few more being possible as well. Finishing with 46 points would be fine for me, and we'd go and get ready for next year, what do you think will happen with the club between now and the end of the year?

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