Saturday, March 14, 2009

King's Future with Spurs

Ledley King is almost universally beloved by Spurs fans, and it has pained many of us to watch him struggle with knee injuries over the past couple of seasons. As his contract concludes next year Harry has been quoted as saying he should be a Spur for life. But what is Ledley's future to be?

With the season winding up and our fixture list not nearly as congested as before, this is allowing Ledley to play in almost every match for us. When the League reverts to a normal, once weekly fixture list, it fits in well with Ledley's ability to get on the field. As next season comes along, we will not be in Europe and our fixture list will be less congested, I am wondering what the best role for Ledley would be.

I believe that his best role would be as a League-only player, much like he's been throughout this year. Having him focus only on the League will take some pressure off of him to try and be fit for other competitions. Let Dawson and Woodgate be the first choice center-back pairing for any cups, or Europe if we get back there at some point.

This would allow Ledley to bring a calm to the back 4 in the League, which should always be the priority for the club, and give Dawson a chance to have regular playing time as well. Most midweek League matches would also have to be manned by Dawson, but this should give all the players in the center back rotation a good number of games, without tiring out too man of them.

Ledley had so much promise as a player, if he would have stayed fit I would think he'd be challenging to be a first choice center back for England at this point, but that is not too be. By focusing on one competition this will allow Ledley to stay as active as possible, and contribute to the club, without compromising his health. If Harry were to deploy this strategy, and I think that he is already thinking along these lines, we will be able to see the King at the Lane for several more seasons.

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