Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spurs Team News for 3/12 & What is Harry On?

Just some quick little bits of team news today as we all start to gear up for our big trip to Villa Park this weekend.

The biggest news is that Chris Gunter has finally secured his loan deal, and not at QPR like many thought (including me), but instead has gone to Nottingham Forest. Like I've said before, this will be a good move for Gunter in the short-term because he needs to be out on the field on a consistent basis, which he will be able to do with Forest. This will season him and help him come and challenge for a place next year possibly.

The other news is Harry being quoted in various sources, including Soccernet, saying that the club cannot buy young English talent like when Martin Jol was in charge because the younger English players aren't up to snuff. I am a fan of Harry, and I think he is going to do some good things with the club, but I have to disagree with him on this.

First of all, the last crop of British youngsters haven't even been ushered through, Aaron Lennon is only 21 years old, and so is Tom Huddlestone. It's hard to be looking for more young English talent when what you consider to be the last wave have just reached their twenties!

Players like Adam Johnson from Boro are said to be up and comers, but he's 21 like Lennon and Huddlestone. Jamie O'Hara hasn't even fully broken into the team yet, so I still feel that these players are the current crop of British youngsters. Granted, of the players that are on the radar for the club, very few are English, but I think that also has to do with clubs wanting to keep their home-grown talent, and we have to remember we've got some talent in the youth and reserve squads currently.

So let's give this crop a little time before we move on to the next set of 18 and 19 year olds, what we need in the squad are players who have some time under their belts in the League, in their mid-20's and getting close to their prime to help us move up the table next year.

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