Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What If a Spurs Nightmare Comes True?

As a Spurs fan we have a couple of nightmare scenarios floating around right now, the foremost being that we are relegated. I think that nightmare is now something that will not come to pass now, but there is another nightmare we could face.

Arguably one of the players of the season for us has been Aaron Lennon. He is finally showing the talent that we all saw three seasons ago, that led to his selection for the World Cup. He is becoming more of a complete player and I feel that over the summer he will work on his crossing and be one of the best winers in the country by next year.

But the rumors of Liverpool putting in a bid for him are starting up again. I am confident that we can keep Aaron at the club, but Liverpool can offer Lennon a lot, a Champions' League place, a chance to win major trophies, and probably a pay increase. If Liverpool were to offer 20 million pounds, I am scared that the chairman would sell him on. I am hoping everyday that does not happen, but we have to think about what our contingency plan will be if that does come to pass.

The first option of course would be David Bentley. I was curious what was happening last year when Ramos bought a right winger to go with Lennon. If Liverpool were to come in for Lennon Harry would have a ready made replacement, if he hasn't already sold him on to Villa.

The other option I would think of would be to give Adel Taarabt a longer look at the right wing. The times that we have seen him this season he has shown some flashes, and really made me wonder why Ramos didn't even give him a squad number. He's young and stays on the ball a little too long, but those are things that can be corrected over time, especially working with the first team for an extended period of time.

Of course we could sell Bentley and Lennon and go looking for another player to have acclimate to the squad, which knowing our lot could possibly happen, but let's hope not. Lennon is clearly one of the most important players in the squad, and he, Modric & Keane can be a great base for the midfield and strikers, let's just hope that Mr. Levy understands that when Liverpool are waving the checkbook at us, money doesn't always bring happiness, or replacement players!

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