Monday, March 9, 2009

Spurs News for Monday 3/9, Plus Be Fair to Bale

Not a ton of news today coming out from the Lane. The first thing that I noticed in the papers today was that Chris Gunter is a popular target for Championship clubs wanting to take him on until the end of the season. The two most likely teams to secure his services are Preston North End and Queens Park Rangers. I've been saying for awhile that Gunter needed to go out on loan to get some experience, and I think QPR is the most likely place for him to wind up at. Getting some actual playing time through the end of the season will help Gunter's confidence and help get him ready for preseason next year.

I was thinking about Gunter last night, and I realized that Gunter and Gareth Bale are the same age. With Gunter we say that he is inexperienced and needs some seasoning, but with Bale many supporters have already labelled him a flop for the club. Granted he has not set the world on fire, but he is still very young. He came to the club with a load of hype, and we fans expected him to be the answer we've been looking for at left-back.

I am wondering why Harry hasn't thought about sending Bale back out on loan again. He is not even making the squad as of late, and he's still a very young and talented player. Given some more time and taking a little pressure off of him will allow him to work on his game. He could still be a very good left-back or even a left-winger with some time. Perhaps letting him go back to Southampton would help him get his confidence back. What we as supporters must realize is that he is young and shouldn't be writing him off just yet. What do you think should happen with Gareth?

On some more good team news, Defoe is almost ready to come out of the cast that's been on his foot since the end of January, and he might be able to come back into the side before the end of the season, lending a boost to Harry, and putting Bent possibly out of the team for good.

And finally, Harry is saying that the difference between Robbie Keane's performance here and at Liverpool is that he feels "loved" here at the club, and that there is a comfort factor involved that allows him to play more freely. I agree with that, and also he doesn't have a 20 million pound price tag hanging over his head like he did at Liverpool.

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