Thursday, March 12, 2009

Could Our Left-Wing Problem be Solved In-House?

Any Spurs fan knows that our personal hell is the left-wing position for the club. It has been years since there has been an out and out winger on the left side of the club. We have tried various options, but haven't actually bought a new left-winger. We've already been linked with the Celtic winger in the summer, and I've also brought up the name of Adam Johnson of Middlesborough as a possible replacement, but could the problem possibly be solved in-house without having to spend big money?

The two names that I have in mind regarding this option would be Jamie O'Hara and Gareth Bale. Jamie has been a quality player for us this season, and at times has looked good going down the left-hand side. He doesn't have the speed of an out-and-out winger perhaps, but he can pass and whip in some crosses when in the proper position. I don't know if Harry is sold on this option, but he has deployed Jamie out wide several times. He is young and can grow into what role is presented to him at the club. He wouldn't fit as the traditional winger, but could possibly serve the club well. If he was to work on some speed training in the summer, he could be viable option out wide.

The other main option would be Gareth Bale out wide. We all know of Bale's shortcomings in defense, but the times that he has been placed as a winger has been some of his better performances this season. When he was at Southampton he had played on the wing as well, and could whip in a cross. His problems have been defensive in nature, shutting down defenders and being caught too far up field in a counter-attack. As a winger, he still has defensive responsibilities, but they are mainly tracking back and helping the defender, not having all of the pressure upon his shoulders. He and BAE could form a possible combo, but the possibility of both of them getting caught out is a scary thought. He has a strong shot, and is a better passer than most think. This could be the way that he develops, allowed to embrace his strengths while working on his weaknesses in training during the week. It could be a possibility.

The other two options that are possible but I don't think are likely in the long-term are Luka Modric and Jermaine Jenas out wide. Modric has been playing out on the left flank as of late, but he mainly drifts infield as the match progresses, and leaves the flank for BAE to patrol mostly. He does play some out wide, but I think he is wasted out wide, he has less control over the game and when he is in the center he can dictate play. I think that Harry doesn't think he can handle the physical play in the center of the field.

The other option would be to have JJ deployed out wide, like he was for England last year. He could play this position, but he drifts too much and would probably do the same thing as Modric and drift inwards during the match. I think when JJ is concentrating he can be a great player, but he is better suited to the middle of the field.

So those are some of our options on the left flank, and we could possibly have some answers without having to buy a new player. I don't think that Harry will stick with these players as the answer, he has already had the time to look at them and I think has decided that help will need to come from outside the club, but these are options for the future.

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  1. i think if we gonna buy a cheap winger, i would think Clint Dempsey is a good choice. besides that we can groom Danny Rose up to fill the spot