Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Best Strike Partnership At Spurs?

After being threadbare in the striker department earlier in the season, we now seem to be spoilt for choice. As the season winds down, we have seen many different combos of our strikers, and I think Harry has finally decided to stick with two up top, and not one striker and someone like Modric playing off that lone striker.

But which pairing is the best for the team? A lot of it depends on the team we are playing, and the form of each individual striker at the moment.

Keane and Bent: This seems to be Harry's first choice pairing at the moment, and they looked pretty good against Villa. You don't have the traditional target-man, and instead have two players who like to come off the ball, and someone in Keane who likes to drop deep to involve himself in the play. A good lineup against slow center-backs, but against quicker pairings, could be trouble.

Keane and Pavlyuchenko: Roman seems to have to lost some favor with Harry over the last couple of weeks, and I would think that he is exhausted at this point. Roman does offer that target player that a team needs at times. For someone so tall he doesn't dominate in the air, but has scored a few times off of headers. He and Robbie seemed to have been getting a rapport, but now not having played together for a few weeks, who knows?

Keane and Defoe: Once Jermain gets back to fitness I would like to see this pairing given a go by Harry. Jol and Ramos never thought this pairing could work, but Defoe is similar to Bent in his style of play, and Harry has been playing Bent and Robbie together. If this pairing could come together it could be dynamite for us.

I'm not including Frazier Campbell, his time is running out and Harry has more established strikers. As you can see the only definite I think Harry has is Keane, especially since he's now captain, and he brings a spark and fight to the team that can be missing otherwise. What do you think the best pairing is? I'm thinking Defoe and Keane, but we'll see if Harry agrees with me.

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