Thursday, March 19, 2009

Can Spurs Secure a European Place?

Alan Hansen mentioned in a column that many of us Spurs fans read with reverence yesterday about the ability for Harry's men to challenge for a European place this season. It is not out of the realm of possibility that we could qualify for Europe, but it would be a titanic, and I hate to say it but, an unlikely feat.

Doesn't it just seem like a week ago that we were worrying about the possibility of relegation? Oh, that's right, we were. We still are not totally to safety, and Harry even mentioned that this week in the papers when he said that we needed "two more wins" for safety. This year's Premier League table has been unlike any one I've seen in that anyone in the bottom half of the table shouldn't be too comfortable. Even now with our good run of form in the past few weeks we are still only 6 points from the bottom of the table. Six points is a lot better than in the past months for the club, but it is astounding that we are just now securing safety and turning our attention to Europe at the same time. It seems like we're fighting a war on two fronts, doesn't it?

I'm all for challenging ourselves and having goals to strive for, but it just seems peculiar to me that the papers are turning their attention to us now. I think that says more about those in the positions of 7-10 than anything else, when you look at Manchester City, Wigan, West Ham and Fulham, all good teams, but do they have more talent than us? In a word no. That is why the papers are making a fuss about us now, we are starting to look like the team that everyone thought we would at the beginning of the season, and the pundits are comparing the talent and seeing that we have more and thinking we are just going to keep inching our way up the table.

It would be good to qualify for Europe, I think the rumors of some players wanting to move on would be squelched since we would be offering European football as well, and probably attract a higher caliber of player in the transfer market. But I also wonder if it would be good for us to be out of Europe for a season, making us concentrate on the League and making sure our form is first notch. But believe me, I won't complain if we keep taking points and moving up the table.


  1. hahaha your funny mate challenge for europe? no chance be honest your shit and deserve to go down your clubs shit mate face it a bunch of semi pros at best

  2. Anonymous...

    I really hope he's a Chelsea fan.

  3. spurs are an established premier league team with a huge fan base and a proud history these are not the makings of a shit football team. 2 league titles 8 f.a cups, 4 league cups and 3 european trophie = 17 trophies.... more then chelsea....only a handful of teams in the premier league can better this!!( not bad for a shit team)

  4. funny how half of chelsea's trophy success has came about in the last 12 years.....where were they for the other 100 odd years of their history?!! chelsea are just a plastic club with plastic supporters....just a bunch of glory hunters who will disappear when chelsea turn shit again!!!!