Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can Spurs Finish in the Top Half?

Wilson Palacios has been quoted in various sources today saying that he believes that Spurs can finish in the top half of the table. A month ago I would have asked for a drug test on the lad, now? I'm still not so sure, we have been playing better as of late, 2 wins and 2 draws in our last 4, but it is saying a lot to try and finish in the top half of the League this year. We moved into 12th place after our draw against Sunderland on the weekend, and we are oh so close to be nearing that 10th spot, but we have some interesting fixtures coming up. Away to Villa, home to Chelsea, how much do we fancy our chances, even with Villa seeming to have lost the plot?

It says something about the team that we are moving up the table, but it also says something about the League and how tight it is when a win and a draw can move a team up the table rather quickly. When we went to Upton Park in December, West Ham looked to be in a lot of trouble and now they've been in the top half for an extended run. I'm still not sold that we will finish in the top half. If we do, I will dance in the streets with the way we've looked at times this season.

The only way we are going to finish in the top half is if we have a consistent lineup put out by Harry that is allowed to gel. Every time I think we're finding something that might work, Harry goes and changes it again, and it takes a half of football to adjust to everything. For the run in to the season to help consolidate our position, here is what I would put out on the field:

Gomes (Can't believe I'm writing this, but he has looked a shade better)

Corluka, Woodgate, King, BAE

Lennon, Palacios, Jenas, Modric

Keane, Pavlyuchenko

Harry has been running something like this for a little while now, but he needs to allow Pavy and Robbie to get some more time together, they looked good against Boro, and then things went off after Bent came on. If Ledley can play week in and week out we should be very solid across the back four and we might be able to finish in 9th or 10th place, but anyone who tells you we could still qualify for Europe is delusional. But here's hoping.

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