Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spurs Team News for 3/17 & Not All This Again

Well, like that same nightmare you had over and over as a child, the rumors have begun about Stuart Downing making his way to the Lane again. No matter what happens with Boro Downing is not likely to stay at the Riverside much longer. We've been rumored to be buying him for years and year, and each time a deal doesn't come to fruition.

We offered somewhere in the realm of 13 million for Downing in January and Boro turned it down flat. I like Downing, but don't think he is a 13 million pound player, but inflation and football seem to go hand in hand now. If Boro are relegated, they will be having a fire sale and we could probably steal him for 7-8 million pounds, but I will say again that I think we would be buying the wrong Boro winger. I would go after Adam Johnson, he's younger, has pace galore, is a bit cheaper than Downing, and I think would make a great pair with Lennon on the flanks.

But we'll see how that goes with Downing, the rumors have already started and probably won't be settled until mid-July. Stay tuned for more info on this as it comes out.

Alan Hutton has been handed a surprise recall to the Scotland squad. He's just coming back into training, and probably before he sees the field for us again, he'll trot out for Scotland. Not bad for a player who's been out for 4 months with injury.

Roman Pavlyuchenko did not exactly light up the reserve game last night, including missing a penalty, so the rumors have started again about him moving on from the club in the summer. I don't think that's going to happen, I think he's exhausted after playing for a straight year and needs a holiday, but the papers will have fun with it.

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