Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another Attacking Midfielder? & Pavy Wants to Fight

Spurs are being linked with out of favor Real Madrid player Rafael Van Der Vaart, the 26-year old who only moved to Real this year. It is pretty well known that he and Robben don't get on, and he has thus far failed to make an impression since his big money move.

I have a question about this possible move, why in the world do we need him? We already have a glut of players who can be an attacking force in the center of midfield. Luka Modric and Van Der Vaart are similar, and I'll take Luka any day of the week.

I think this is more of the papers needing to churn some copy before the qualifiers this weekend. Even if Van Der Vaart and Robben don't get on, I don't believe Madrid will give up on a big money buy after only a few months. And also, I think his attitude is not exactly what we need at Spurs.

It always seems like we're buying what we don't need, a right-sided midfielder last summer, and neglecting the positions that need help, such as left-wing. I'd rather have us linked with every left-sided player on the planet, at least then we know that we're trying to balance the side.

The papers today are also quoting Roman Pavlyuchenko as saying that he wants to stay and fight for his place at Tottenham, which is exactly what he needs to say. The fact that he wants to battle for a place and prove his worth to the club should prove something to Harry, unlike Tom Huddlestone who seems to be ready to talk about how frustrating it is not playing. Roman is saying that but is also talking about wanting to earn a spot on the field and prove his worth.

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  1. seriously, why can't bale, dos santos or o'hara play on the left for spurs and start to groom Danny Rose?