Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What Spurs Will Leave the Lane this Summer

While the League is on an international break, I thought I would take the time to identify some of the players that might be leaving Tottenham in the summer. Mostly this would be because Harry doesn't rate them and wants to finish putting his own stamp on the team. Some of the players on this list as favorites of mine, some I would be happy to help pack on their way out, but I know that things will change for the club over the summer, just like every season at Spurs it seems.

What I am going to do is list the players that are most likely to leave to those who are only rumored to be moving on.

Darren Bent: Like I've said before he should have his bags packed. He's played well in the last couple of matches but still is not a favorite of Harry's. At the moment I think he's the best of what's available and Harry doesn't want to upset the balance of the team. Probably will move somewhere like Everton, or possibly Aston Villa. We'll be lucky to recoup half of the investment we made in him three years ago.

Giovanni Dos Santos: Was sold and failed the physical. Now out on loan at Ipswich and I think it's a way of showing the wares in a sense for Harry, and then Gio goes and gets another knock. A finesse player to be sure, I don't know if he has the physical stature to stay in the Premier League. Pompey could buy him, but over the course of the summer will probably find someone more suited to their side. I think he might move back to Mexico, somewhere like UNAM Pumas would be a good place to rehab his reputation.

Ricardo Rocha: Hasn't featured in God knows when, doesn't even seem to impress in the reserves. A move abroad is on the cards, maybe back to Portugal. I feel bad for him, but he just doesn't have what is needed to cut it in the Premier League, much like the next player on this list.

Gilberto: I thought he would leave in January, but I don't think we could find a taker. He's far along in his career, and I doubt another European side will take a chance on him. I doubt he wants to go back to Brazil yet, but a good payday at one of the better clubs might be what to doctor ordered.

David Bentley: A nightmare he's hoping to wake up from I'm sure, but that's not going to happen. Has lost the support of the fans, so it's only a matter of time before he's gone, much like Ghaly earlier this season. He'll have no shortage of suitors, Aston Villa, Everton, Manchester City. It's too bad since he was a supporter growing up, but that's the way that football is, isn't it?

Tom Huddlestone: It seems that once or twice a week I'm reading about Tom talking to some reporter about his lack of playing time, and how he didn't sign for Spurs to play in the reserves. Of all the players we are likely to sell on in the summer he probably has the most talent. But it has been unrealized. He's like that kid in class who's smarter than the rest but is too lazy to work at it. I would love for Tom to stick around, but it seems that Harry doesn't think he can motivate him. Fulham would love him as the replacement for Jimmy Bullard. He'll be a good player, but I don't think it will be for us.

Gareth Bale: So much talent, so little shown in a Spurs shirt. Could still be a player, but as I said in an earlier post today, he might be on his way, especially with the emergence of BAE at left-back. There would be a host of teams that would be happy to take him on I am sure, but until he grows as a defender, perhaps a Championship side would be the best destination for him. I still think a loan would do him good, but I don't see that happening.

Roman Pavlyuchenko: Guus Hiddink seems to have taken a page from Harry's book on Pavy. Talking about the talent of another team's player can certainly help unsettle the player and maybe make him look to greener pastures. I think he's a good player who should be given a chance and a real offseason to rest, but since Harry didn't buy him any option could be on the table. Chelsea would love him, so would most other Premier League sides I would think.

Pascal Chimbonda: Harry only wanted him on a loan, but Sunderland knew crap when they had it, so insisted we buy him back. Hasn't featured too much since his arrival, is a malcontent and not too interested in defending to me. Maybe a promoted side would be dumb enough to take him on next season, or send him to France.

Jermaine Jenas: With the way he has featured in the side's resurgence lately I don't think he'll be moving on, but Inter were reportedly interested in January and make a bid in the summer. I'm sure there will be Spurs fans happy to see him go, but I think he's quality and has shown it in the last couple of weeks. He doesn't do anything spectacularly, but is pretty good all over the pitch, and makes a great partner for Palacios in the middle.

So those are the ones whom I think might move on. Modric and Lennon aren't included in this list, because I might be tempted to jump off a bridge if Harry was convinced to let them leave. Not all of these players will leave in the summer, but some certainly will, especially since Harry needs to sell before he can buy.


  1. Can't argue with anything you say on Bent, Rocha, Gilberto or Chimbonda.

    Agree about Hudd's, too, which is a crying shame as he really is a talent. I just think he's worth persevering with, because if he's shipped out to Fulham or the like, I know it'll come back to haunt us a few years down the line. I'd have defended Bentley up till a month or so ago, but he's obviously not worth the effort now. Man City for £12m and call it a good bit of business all things considered.

    Dos Santos and Bale are enigmas, aren't they? Both skillful, quick, bags of potential and still teenagers. But when will the potential start to develop into performances? To be fair to Gio, he's only had one injury-hit season to adjust to a different culture and style of football. I'm not even sure if he speaks English. I'd hold onto him and see what he does next season.

    Bale...God knows...I like him, I really do, but he's got to step up. He's been at the lane two seasons now, he's a regular for Wales, he's training with players like King, Woodgate, Corluka and'd think something would rub off on him about defending just by luck by now. Maybe a switch to left mid? He's good going forward but shoddy on the defense side of things...which is a problem when you're a LB. Why not take that out of the equation and let him use his pace in a more forgiving area of the pitch. He can cross the ball a bit too(remember his debut against Man Utd? He took the ball the length of the Old Trafford pitch, beat two or three men for pace and skill and won us a corner. In the 5th minute of the game. With basically his first touch in a Spurs shirt. He needs that sort of confidence back. He needs to win a bloody game! I'm sure it's hanging over him all the time, the no-win record). Might be the making of him.

    Roman's got to stay. Proper rest, settle in, get him and Keane working on a partnership over summer training. He's done amazingly well considering his heroics at the Euros, his last minute switch, a lack of English, an unstable club, players coming and going...all in all I think he's had a great season. I just hope we can reap the benefits of his acclimatising season next time around.

    And it's nice to see a positive comment on Jenas. I rate him, but he gets a lot of stick from most Spurs fans, usually over accusations of unfulfilled potential and general second-ratedness. Rubbish. He's a great footballer, and I hope he stays. Agree on Modric and Aaron too. God help us if they go.

    Who do you see Harry bringing in? There's the usual paper twaddle over here, Milto-this, Frei-that... We really need a left winger, obviously (unless Bale follows my admittedly hopeful advice...). Downings still being linked, and Boro are probably going down, but i'm not convinced he wouldn't end up being Bentley Mk2. Any ideas?

  2. Just read your thoughts on Bale as LW on an earlier post, by the way. Hadn't seen it, so excuse the exact mirroring of opinion!