Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Which Right-Back for Tottenham?

We have the unusual luxury of having up to five people who can slot in at right-back. I wonder if this is what Harry was meaning when he said the club was unbalanced, 4 players for one position, while we still don't have a left-winger. But who should be lining up in the back 4 every week for Spurs? Each player in the frame has their attributes and drawbacks, which can be frustrating.

Vedran Corluka: Currently seems to be the first-choice at right-back, and has settled well since his move from Manchester City in the summer. He's been consistent, something that has been sorely lacking in the side this season. He's not spectacular, and certainly not very flashy, but he's been getting the job done. Harry does seem to worry about him at times though, especially against speedy wingers, he must feel that Corluka's lack of pace can be a detriment to the club. So can he stay first-choice if Harry is going to want someone to handle the speedy wingers? He can play in the middle, but I think he is too talented to just be a squad player.

Alan Hutton: Has pace, and can get forward in the attack, but cannot seem to stay off the training table. I'm not really sure what Harry thinks of him, as he's only had him available for a handful of fixtures before he got injured again. He can play against the speedy wingers where Corluka has problems, but is he as consistent as Vedran? I've liked what I've seen, but I've seen far too little to be able to say for sure. The jury's out I would think.

Chris Gunter: Loads of potential, but is only 19, and has looked very raw when he has been thrust into the action. Did well in the UEFA & Carling Cups, but not quite ready for facing the big boys of the Premier League week in and week out. Going out on loan will help him, and I would think maybe another loan spell next season would do the trick. Nice to have in the background.

Pascal Chimbonda: Remember when he was challenging for Player of the Year honors at Wigan? I know, it seems strange to think that now, but Pascal was considered a very good player at one point. I think those days are gone now. Was bought for cover and I wouldn't be surprised if he was plying his trade somewhere else next season. A waste of 3 million pounds in January, and not playing ahead of Hutton and Corluka.

Didier Zokora: Can play at right-back in a pinch, though I don't think he'll be doing it too much more after his performance on Sunday. Tries hard, but far down in the pecking order, I think his role is to be a reserve midfielder at this point, and that's about it.

So, when you really look at it, it comes down to Corluka and Hutton for the right-back slot most of the time. Either one would work for me, though Charley has clearly been the workhorse this season. Expect to see Harry clear out some of the deadweight at this position (i.e. Chimbonda) and develop Gunter for the future.

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  1. I think it would like corluka on right for consistency or hutton for fast counter attack games.

    Anyways, will you be starting another page on who our left back will be? BAE or Bale. I think it still boils down to the same. BAE for consistency and Bale for fast counter attack games......